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Sunday 10:28pm ]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Well I'll be the first to say that it has been a while since I've written in here. Sometimes its hard for me to find the right stuff to say. I'm so different than the person who started this journal... that i'm starting a new one... so much has changed... I think I need to just move into a different state of mind... so here goes...


please comment on my front page and I'll add you... that way I know who actually wants to join as opposed to adding you myself :)


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post and pics coming soon... but i need your help!!! [
Tuesday 01:57pm ]
Ok guys... I seriously need your help... if you are a female and wouldn't mind filling out this survey it would be greatly appreciated! (if you want to just leave an anonymous comment with the answers to this survey it would be great!) Please do so before tomorrow afternoon :) MUAH!!!!!

Sociological Study on Early Adult Pregnancy
Research conducted by Ashley Arens
All results can be seen by emailing ama1113@ecu.edu
after April 14th.

Demographic Info:
Age: _______
Sex: _______
Personal Estimated Yearly Income: _____________________
Parental Estimated Yearly Income: _____________________
States lived in while in High School and College: _____________________________
Amount of Scholarship Money Received: ___________________________________
Major: ___________________________________
Number of Siblings: _______________________________
Status of Parental Marital Status: _____________________________________
Custody during High School Belonged To: _____________________________

Answer Yes or No:
____ Have you ever been pregnant?
____ Have you ever had a pregnancy scare, justified or not?
____ Are you sexually active?
____ Are you on any type of birth control, even if you are not sexually active?
____ Are you currently pregnant? If so, please continue with the next few questions. If not, please go to the starred question.
____ Is this your first pregnancy?
____ If not, did you carry the first pregnancy to term?
____ Have you considered abortion?
____ Do you plan to keep your child?
____ Do you feel people have treated you differently since you became pregnant?
____ Do your parents agree with your choice to carry/abort the child?
____ If you plan to get rid of the child through abortion or placing the child up for adoption, does your family support you?
____ Will the father of your child be around to help you while you are pregnant?
____ Do you plan to marry?
*** ____ Have you ever been raped or molested?
____ Do you believe in abortion?
____ Do you believe in adoption?
____ Do you believe in contraceptives?

Short Answer:
Answer to the best of your ability.
*Your answers or part of your answer may be used in an essay.*

1.) How do you feel about pregnancy in teenagers (under 20 years old)? ______________

2.) Do you feel that people are treated differently if they are under twenty and have a child, even if they are married? ______________________________________________

3.) How do you feel that pregnant women, or women with small children, that are under twenty years old are able to get help? _________________________________________

4.) Can that be improved in anyway? __________________________________________

5.) Do you feel that a specific background can cause an individual to be more likely to become pregnant? ________________________________________________________

Dear Participant,
I greatly appreciate you filling this survey out. It will help so much with further understanding the sociological effects of pregnancy on young women. As I mentioned under the title, please feel free to contact me at ama1113@ecu.edu. Thank you again.

Ashley Arens
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Sunday 07:23pm ]
not nearly as cool as you other cool kids... but i tried :( hehehehehehehe :)

give it a shot!

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Thursday 04:34pm ]
[ mood | grateful ]

I'm sorry I wrote the last entry...

it was childish to post such things... it was a written catharsis... so... now that the catharsis is over... so is the entry...

I miss everyone and I'm working to feel better about myself and who I am....

I've been doing a lot of looking into paganism again and I am starting to feel more at home in it... the PSA helps a lot... and a lot of self discovery... plus Dan is very helpful and supportive.

I'm not sure where I am in life right now... I have been having panic attacks again... and sometimes they are very bad... and during thing which should be happy and exciting... not terrifying. I'd rather not post which things but some of you I'm sure can imagine.

I worry that I am possibly remembering something... I know that sounds lame but.... It feels like that sometimes... and not just to me... they are such violent and earth shaking episodes that I feel breathless and like my heart is going to jump out of my chest...

I appreciate the love that I know I have around me and being sent to me... thank you for that...

blessed be.

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Power of the Voodoo [
Friday 11:07pm ]
because its exam week and we all need
a pick ME up :)

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